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July – August 2022

Girls, Guns & Pheasants – Introducing youth to the shooting sports BY TIMOTHY FOWLER

Good parents want the best for their kids. For Troy Flasch, this means teaching his girls to safely handle firearms, including safe storage, maintenance, handling and shooting at targets or game animals. Flasch’s goal is to provide solid foundational firearms training for his girls. They will have the opportunity to hunt. Whether the girls end up enjoying shooting sports or hunting in the future is completely up to them, but they will learn how to handle guns and shoot properly.
Flasch is the sales manager with Korth Group, an Alberta-based company that imports firearms, ammunition, outdoor gear and a myriad of other cool prod-ucts into Canada. Flasch is a late-onset gun guy and hunter, accelerated into the gun world in the last decade by his role with Korth. Flasch says that, grow-ing up, he did shoot a pellet gun at pop cans, but his family never hunted. The tradition of hunting skipped his genera-tion. Now he wants his kids to have the opportunity he missed. Last year, he was with his daughter when she har-vested her first deer.

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