Statement From Board of Directors

A few weeks ago, the NFA discovered that the CCFR is using a new logo, which is remarkably similar to the NFA’s “No compromise” logo, a registered trademark. Furthermore, the CCFR is using their new logo for commercial merchandising. In a world where the value and importance of intellectual property protection is paramount, inaction may lead to a legal loss of rights. Given the similarities of the CCFR logo, in the same field of activities as the NFA, a standard legal letter was sent to the CCFR by the NFA to protect its intellectual property. The NFA did not endeavour to sue the CCFR. Rather, the CCFR chose to remain silent and then took a path of confrontation, when it initiated legal proceedings against the NFA. It was the hope of the NFA that discussions could have taken place and an amicable solution arrived at. The NFA does not intend to further comment on this matter since, unfortunately, it has now been brought before the court by the CCFR.

Yours truly,

The Board of Directors
Canada’s National Firearms Association