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Battle In The Capital


 Message  From Ontario Director

Jordan Vandenhoff



As we approach the first anniversary of the May 1, 2020 OIC (Order in Council), firearms owners are still wondering what the future of legal firearm ownership will be in Canada. I don’t blame them; the situation has been changing on a weekly basis. We started with 1500 models prohibited and many additional firearms were prohibited after the OIC was announced. The cherry on top of the cake was when the Liberal government introduced C21 onto the table to enable aspects of that OiC, and to ban and restrict additional firearms. What was really disgusting was that they targeted the paintball community as well as, Airsoft, Pellet gun, and BB gun owners.

Canada’s National Firearms Association responded to the Liberal government’s May 1 firearms prohibition by designing an appropriate legal response. We located a strong client in Cassy Premack (then Parker) who, with her husband, owns K.K.S. Tactical Supplies in Prince George, BC. Cassy’s business will be greatly diminished or even destroyed as her main source of income was based on the sale and support of several different types of firearms that are now prohibited. Bill C21 will further damage Mrs. Premack’s business.

Lead lawyer Solomon Friedman launched her federal court case on May 21 2020 as case number T-569-20. Cassy and the NFA are challenging the May 1 OIC to serve justice for Canadian firearms owners. This challenge is backed and funded fully by Canada’s National Firearms Association. There have been many donations received to support the matter.

The NFA has also applied for intervenor status in the court case with our lawyer Guy Lavergne. We believe this is the best route to take to obtain the best chance of success. The gun lobby vs Canada would not gain the affection of the Court, but a compelling client with a huge portion of her family’s income to lose surely will. Cassy is not alone – there are many firearms businesses across Canada affected by this situation who are having to make hard choices about the viability of their business, and having to consider laying off employees and even closing their doors.

I know I have had enough! The battle has barely started yet as we wait for the federal government to give us a court date. We have been preparing since we first heard this Order In Council was being crafted several months before being introduced.

The NFA is pushing hard with social media, radio, and tv ads to better educate people on the truth about the false Liberal propaganda that the gun grabbers have been using to build support. The truth is that this is nothing more than a run at Canadas overvetted and excessively controlled firearms owners with an expensive programme that will not accomplish anything. They have targeted us because they are lazy – gun owners are easier to pick off than the claimed target of reducing criminal violence. Bill Blair has repeated a number of times that he believes the firearms owners will comply. What does this mean in the short term? Many firearms owners are going to lose their property. They are being penalized for a crime that they have not committed unless you think the way MP Pam Damoff thinks as she has said “ You are a law abiding firearms owner,,, until you are not”. Many misinformed Canada’s will think that they are now safe and there will never be a crime involving a firearm again.

In the long term, Canada’s will come to find out that we the firearms community were never the problem. All the gun control measures the Trudeau government has taken did nothing but waste taxpayers money. It was a make feel safe project designed to cover a civil disarmament agenda. Guns will still continue to be smuggled into Canada and criminals will still be able to acquire them. People who wish to carry out evil deeds will always find a way.

Can You Make A Difference

The answer is yes you can!

There is power in numbers – help us help you by joining Canada’s National Firearms Association give us a greater voice in Ottawa.
Donate to the Cassy Premack vs Canada court challenge to help fund the fight for all firearms owners.
Share our message. It has been increasingly hard to broadcast our message out as the anti-firearms media restricts our access.

I love my sport and hobby, and I will never give up my firearms – No Compromise


Jordan Vandenhoff
Ontario Director
Social Media / Digital Media Director