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Canada’s National Firearms Association Special Advisory

There has been much controversy over the recent move to progressively reclassify firearms.

The firearms affected by the latest reclassification effort are:

Both restricted and non-restricted versions of the Swiss Arms (SAN):

FRT# 118907 Blue Star

FRT# 119587 Black Special

FRT# 129006 Black Special Carbine

FRT# 119482 Classic Green

FRT# 124216 Classic Green Carbine

FRT# 119485 Red Devil

FRT# 119588 Heavy Metal

FRT# 124218 Classic Green CQB


CZ 858

FRT# 142362 CZ 858 Tactical 2-P Proofed 2007 or later

FRT# 142363 CZ 858 Tactical 2 V Proofed 2007 or later

FRT# 142369 CZ 858 Tactical 4 P Proofed 2007 or later

Mandatory firearms licensing and universal firearms registration were the core components of 1995 Liberal firearms legislation, the ability for the government a Minister through Order in Council (OIC) to ban guns without seeking the approval of Parliament was introduced earlier as a means to progressively ban and confiscate firearms.  Limits on standard magazine capacity occurred and attempts to criminalize so-called unsafe firearms storage as a means of preventing the use of firearms for defense originated from the PC government of Kim Campbell.

Since the current Conservative Government has been generally resistant to RCMP proposals to prohibit and confiscate firearms through OIC, the RCMP have acted by making recommendations for reclassification to the government.  The RCMP see this as their duty to continue to seek firearms prohibitions and additional restrictions as a logical extension of the Firearms Act..

The Conservative Government has introduced little firearms law reform beyond ending “long gun registration”, refusing to implement the UN Small Arms Marking regulations, and ending the C-68 gun show regulation provisions, which seem to be creeping back in other forms at the direction of Chief Firearms Officers.   The fact is that the 1992 PC C17 and 1995 Liberal C-68 Firearms Act remain the law of Canada.

The RCMP are no longer a law enforcement agency. They are now an unelected, unaccountable political entity enforcing an agenda of civil disarmament without concern for or interference from the Government of Canada, elected by Canadians.

If the Government of Canada supports or approves of the recent efforts of RCMP in continuing reclassification, prohibition and confiscation of privately owned firearms, it must come out and say so and the issue will be dealt with in the next federal election.

If it is not, it must immediately introduce new legislation to replace the 1995 Firearms Act that RCMP is using to facilitate these confiscations.

The actions or inaction of the Government of Canada to address the issue of firearms prohibition and confiscation will frame the debate on firearms in Canada as this issue goes forward.




NFA advises affected Importers, businesses and individuals that at this time they are not required to take any action in regards to these re classifications.  It is not required to accept for storage, surrender, or receive compensation for these firearms.  One concern emerging is that the government might offer compensation and grandfathering status for the people affected.  Given that prohibited status and grandfathering is effectively delayed theft of property and severely limits the ability of owners to use their property, an offer of compensation and grandfathering status for owners of these newly prohibited firearms is not a solution to this situation. Prohibiting firearms has nothing to do with preventing bad behaviour.

These re-classifications need to be reversed and the prohibited classification eliminated completely.

Do not take any action regarding your firearms until official notification has been issued by RCMP on the direction of the government.


The NFA wants to see substantial changes to our firearms laws which we have communicated to the government on several occasions.

  1. Decriminalize firearms possession by eliminating S. 91, and 92 of the Criminal Code.
  2. Eliminate the prohibited category of firearms and modify restricted classes, including rescinding of arbitrary clauses on barrel length, appearance, and caliber that classify firearms, and regulations affecting magazine    capacity.
  3. Eliminate punitive safe storage and transport requirements.
  4. Eliminate Chief Firearms Officers and rescind F.A. Section 58.1
  5. Remove the administration of the Firearms Act from the control of the RCMP.


Please immediately contact your Member of Parliament, Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney, and the Prime Minister to clearly and respectfully express your concerns.

Let them know that the RCMP reclassification actions regarding these firearms, other firearms, and components is unacceptable, and must be reversed.