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Latest Issues

Canadian Firearms Journal - March 2014
Young couple Ashleigh and Mark shoot together in the Edmonton, Alta., area. They had Mr. and Mrs. t-shirts made up for their recent wedding and decided to wear them to their next 3-Gun match, as well.
Canadian Firearms Journal - January 2014
The buck was taken 40km up the Squamish Valley in dense bush. The rifle was perfect for hunting, as its short overall length made navigating the game trails effortless, and the balance, light weight and ergonomics of the gun made for easy carrying. The buck was taken at 10 meters, with a single shot to the upper neck. Ammunition used was a Federal Fusion 62 grain bullet.


Canadian Firearms Journal - November 2013
Canada has both a long and proud military and firearms heritage. Our nation was founded by good men and women, who built our great country out of savage wilderness with their blood, sweat and tears, musket and rifle by their side. At Vimy Ridge, we came of age as a nation and earned our place on the world stage, stepping out of Britain’s shadow in the process. Through force of arms and uncompromising bravery and valour, Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen earned the universal respect of both allies and enemies alike. view - download
Canadian Firearms Journal - September 2013
There have been many interesting developments in Canada’s Firearms Community lately. The tragic flooding in southern Alberta with its resulting loss of life and extensive property damage was a shock to many of us. While there were many laudable accounts of good work through this terrible time, the questionable seizure of personal firearms under these circumstances bears further investigation and is worthy of our attention. view - download
Canadian Firearms Journal - July 2013
Kids are the future of our shooting sports. However, each of us need to ask ourselves what sort of legacy will be left for them to inherit if we allow the RCMP, and their allies within Ottawa’s gun control bureaucracy, to continue to wage their undeclared war upon legitimate firearms ownership? view - download
Canadian Firearms Journal - May 2013
Despite recent domestic set-backs in Canada and the United States, the forces of international civil disarmament march on. The recent adoption of an international arms trade treaty by the General Assembly of the United Nations may very well presage a renewed assault upon our rights as law-abiding gun owners. Official ratification of the UN ATT by Ottawa will bring with it a host of dangers which cannot help but have severe ramifications for the future of gun ownership in Canada. view - download
Canadian Firearms Journal - March 2013
After battling the forces of Ontario’s crusading anti-gun attorneygeneral for the past two years, Ian Thomson, finally had his day in court this past January. Unfortunately, Mr. Thomson, like so many other Canadian self-defence trailblazers, found himself twice victimized in the process. The first incident was at the hands of the four armed thugs who attempted to burn him alive by firebombing his home in the predawn hours one night in August 2010. view - download
Canadian Firearms Journal - January 2013
Inside This Issue: Regulars Around The NFA Gary Ramsay From the Editor’s Desk Sean G. Penney President’s Message Sheldon Clare Vice President’s Column Blair Hagen Letters to the Editor Preserving Our Firearms Heritage Gary K. Kangas and Peter Stratford Politics and Guns Sean G. Penney Gun Jobs: Parts Specialist Al Voth Team NFA Update Grayson Penney Historical Military Arms Michael Heidler and Sean G. Penney Western Lawman Captain Burton Mossman - Part I Jesse L. “Wolf” Hardin The International Front Gary Mauser Legal Corner Grayson Penney From The NFA Bookshelf Wm. R. Rantz FEATURES The 2012 IPSC Provincials Charles Schafer PPC A Convergence of the Pistol Sports Mike Kelly Just a Word about Attitude Blair Hagen view - download


Canadian Firearms Journal - December 2012
Inside This Issue: FEATURES The Rossi Rand Hand is “Wild West Tech” - Norman Gray Cooey - A Canadian Icon - G. Scott Jamieson The Casting Bench: Sharpshooter USA Buckshot Molds - Sean G. Penney Shooting the Legends - Jeff Helsdon REGULARS From the Editor’s Desk - Sean G. Penney President’s Message - Sheldon Clare Vice President’s Column - Blair Hagen Letters to the Editor Preserving Our Firearms Heritage - Gary K. Kangas, Sarah Johnston & Branko Diklitch Politics and Guns - Sean G. Penney From The NFA Bookshelf - Wm. R. Rantz Guns n’ Gear - Al Voth Western Lawman - Sheriff Pat Garrett - Part II - Jesse L. “Wolf” Hardin The International Front - Gary Mauser view - download
Canadian Firearms Journal - September 2012
“Plinking” is one of those funny terms that is unique to our shooting sports. While it may sound funny, if you do it right, “plinking” is serious business. Many of today’s generation of adult shooters got their start plinking in the back yard with their dad or grandpa. While more stringent gun laws and regulations may somewhat preclude backyard target practice in certain municipalities these days, there remains many viable options for ... view - download
Canadian Firearms Journal - July 2012
At 85 years of age and with twenty-five years of retail firearms sales under his belt, George Christensen is something of a legend within the Edmonton firearms community. A long-time employee of Wholesale Sports, George remains the resident “grandfather” at the Canadian sporting goods chains’ North Edmonton store. Joining the Wholesale Sports family at the start of their very early days in Edmonton... view - download
Canadian Firearms Journal - May 2012
The much hated long-gun registry is now dead. In the weeks following its demise, literally tens of thousands of rifles, just like the ones pictured on our cover were legally bought and sold by law-abiding gun owners; all without the necessity of putting a worthless slip of paper next to each firearm... view - download