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In recent weeks Canadians watched on in horror as southern Alberta was inundated with severe flooding. The town of High River, Alberta was all but washed away. The High Wood River swelled and overflowed its banks causing havoc and destroying everything in its path. This flood transformed the area into a disaster zone, destroyed homes and businesses, and tragically affected the good people that call High River home in a way that is unparalleled in recent Canadian history.

The repercussions of this disaster will be felt for many years to come and it will take many years to rebuild this once shining community.

If floods and mass destruction were not enough, police violated private property rights and began conducting door to door search and seizures of law-abiding citizens’ private property in High River. The Canadians were shocked, and looked on in disbelief – a disbelief that became outrage that has turned into a call for action. Canada’s National Firearms Association has heeded that call.

With Industry Partners Gun Owners of Canada, Canadian Reload Radio, Calibre Magazine, Weapons Canada, Black Crusade Designs and Concerned Gun Owners of Alberta, these firearms groups decided that together we could help those affected. To assist those in need of aid, we have created Canadian Firearms Owners for Flood Victim with the aim of collecting funds and resources for those who need it the most. Spearheaded and administered by Canada’s National Firearm Association, this initiative will have a positive impact on the people and lives it will touch.

To achieve this important goal we need your help. We encourage our members to give generously to this important cause whether monetary, voluntary or through the donation of materials or other life essentials.

Canadian Firearms Owners are some of the finest most upstanding citizens in this country and this is our chance to show everyone in Canada just exactly what we are made of.

The good folks of High River need your help. No contribution is too small.

For More Information visit , find us on Facebook, call 1-877-818-0393 or donate directly to
NFA\Canadian Firearms Owners for Flood Victims
Scotia Bank 10537 82 Ave . Edmonton , Alberta , T6E 2A3 Transit# :40089 Account# :40089 01021 80 institute# :002 EMT address,

For more information contact:

Blair Hagen, Executive VP Communications, 604-753-8682 [email][/email]
Sheldon Clare, President, 250-981-1841 [email][/email]
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