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Canadian Rights and Freedoms are Not for Sale at Any Price!

The Liberal government recently released a proposed price list and questionnaire for the firearms on their so-called buyback program.

No dollar value is acceptable or even relevant to this discussion. The NFA is of the opinion that this is nothing more than an information gathering scheme to try to get an estimate on what OIC ban list firearms are out there and the willingness of Canadians to participate in this process.

This process is illegitimate, and an attack on the Rights, Freedoms, and Property of Canadians

It has no basis is “public safety” and serves no other purpose but for political deflection and symbolic virtue signaling by Justin Trudeau’s corrupt and incompetent Liberal government.

We at the NFA will not be returning the questionnaire, you might not wish to either.

Our unflagging position is to stand fast.

Canadians will end this Liberal attack on Rights and Freedoms either by winning the court challenges to this offense against citizenship or with a change in government.

Rick Igercich, President