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Canadian UN official says Canada will ‘exceed’ requirements of the Arms Trade Treaty.

October 25, 2017

EDMONTON – In a surprising testimony in New York at the United Nations on Friday, October 20th, Canada’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative on the Conference of Disarmament, Rosemary McCarney, told the UN that “Canada will soon join the Arms Trade Treaty.  …Our law will meet all requirements of the ATT – and in some areas, we will EXCEED its requirement.” (Emphasis added).

The ATT is part of a UN initiative to remove all weapons in the world from non-state actors, including civilian firearms owners in Canada.

The ATT part of the plan will see an increase in restrictions and rules for marking firearms and related products.  It also calls for national records to be kept, like a gun registry.

“At is bare-minimum this Treaty is going to mean increased costs and burdens for Canadians who buy firearms, ammunition, parts, and accessories,” says Sheldon Clare, president of Canada’s National Firearms Association and participant in the UN meetings as the recognized voice of firearms owners and users in Canada.  “To hear them say the legislation will exceed the ATT’s requirements should concern every Canadian, particularly when Ms. McCarney specifically references restrictions and bans in her statement.”

In his statement to the United Nations, Mr. Clare stated the Treaty should have excluded civilian firearms and highlighted the economic importance of hunting and civilian firearms related activities.

Canada’s NFA has special consultative status at the United Nations, the only firearms rights advocacy organization in Canada to do so, and therefore is recognized by the United Nations to speak on behalf of firearms owners and users.

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest and most effective advocacy organization representing the interests of firearms owners and users.


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