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Co-Sign Cheryl Gallant’s Letter to Minister Toews!!!

Responsible Reclassification Reforms


I have formally written to the Minister of Public Safety, The Honourable Vic Toews, requesting the creation of a permanent Firearms Experts Technical Committee. This committee would be tasked to deal with issues relating to the regulation of the Firearms Act, including the reclassification of firearms.

I am concerned that some civil servants have kept the attitudes of the old Liberal administration and the contempt for Canadians that led to Bill C-68 and the long gun registry.

Since 2010, the RCMP has reclassified seven firearms to prohibited status.

All of these reclassifications occurred without real public notice or public consultations. Two of these firearms had been sold in Canada for over 20 years.

This is not the first time an independent expert technical committee has been proposed to oversee the regulations on the Firearms Act. In 2000, Public Safety Minister, Anne McLellan, created an advisory group on firearms following the RCMP’s attempts to use the extreme provisions contained within the Liberal Firearms Act, Bill C-68. The RCMP declared pellet guns and BB guns to be firearms, then told owners to register them, adding to the Long Gun Registry.

We must not allow what the long gun registry was ultimately meant to do to occur by other means.

The time has come for a permanent committee with the technical expertise to oversee the regulation of firearms in Canada and restore common sense to the regulations.

XXXXX, I invite you to co-sign my letter to Minister Vic Toews, and join my call for a permanent Firearms Experts Technical Committee.…call%20for%20a


Cheryl Gallant