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In a letter to Ian McPhail, Interim Chair for the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, Coalition for Gun Control President Wendy Cukier cites Criminal Code provisions which she says necessitate firearms storage charges against High River Alberta flood victims.

According NFA Vice President Communications Blair Hagen, “Not only must High River Flood Victims have their doors kicked in, homes damaged and their property seized, now they must be subjected to the demands of the powerful and politically connected gun control lobby that they be criminally charged as part of their misfortune.”

Mr. Hagen added, “Canada’s firearms storage and transportation laws are famously complicated, and designed for maximum potential for charges even when no threat to public safety exists. High River residents were put in an impossible situation due to the flooding of their homes, a situation that allows for the exploitation of Firearms Act regulations towards criminal charges which Ms. Cukier is now demanding”.

He continued, “It seems that the real purpose behind these regulations, firearms confiscation and criminal charge of victims – not public safety – has now been unmasked by the Coalition for Gun Control’s demands.  Hopefully, High River flood victims will be allowed to dry out before they are carted off to jail according to the wishes of the like of Wendy Cukier”.

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