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Complaint to Information Commissioner – RCMP Cover-up in High River?

Airdrie, Alberta

March 1, 2014

Ms. Suzanne Legault The Information Commissioner of Canada Place de Ville, Tower B 112 Kent Street, 7th Floor Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1H3

Dear Ms. Legault:


Please find attached a copy of my original request dated July 24, 2013 and the RCMP response dated February 18, 2014 that I received February 25, 2014. In the link below, please see the two-page High River RCMP Firearms Seizures spreadsheet (PDF pages 56 and 57 or ATIP pages 005537 and 005538) Click here

The spreadsheets have addresses blanked out – that I can understand, but why blank out the “LOCATION WHERE RECOVERED”? The only obvious reason for blanking out this column is to cover up the fact that the RCMP were actually searching for firearms, ammunition, magazines, etc rather than just seizing these items that they say were in “plain view” during their search for survivors. According the RCMP and National Defence documents the search for “survivors” ended on June 24th but the search and seizure of firearms, ammo, magazines and accessories continued until July 7th.

An e-mail dated June 24, 2013 at 7:12 pm from RCMP Superintendent Frank Smart states: “As of 1500hrs today, RCMP led by STO have completed the physical search of all homes in High River(with the exception of a small amount in quadrant 8 which is underwater).” Houses\Buildings 3,337 – Forced Entries 674 – People located 303.” National Defense documents included a chart entitled: Military Criteria for Transition dated 24 June 2013 and under the High River column task number two it states: “No further danger to civilians (life and limb) and evacuations not requested” with a symbol in that column indicates: “All conditions met.”

According the RCMP documents released so far here are the facts:

  • June 20th to June 23rd – 674 forced entries – 167 guns seized
  • June 24th to July 7th – 1,200+ forced entries – 422 guns seized.

Thanks for helping uncover the truth about what really happened in High River.
Yours sincerely,

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Dennis R. Young
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