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As most of you are aware of, the NFA is currently involved in corporate litigation before the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench (the “Court”). In view of the fact that the rights and claims of the respective parties have yet to be adjudicated by the Court, on October 20th, 2015, the Court issued an order postponing the upcoming NFA directors’ elections until further notice. This order was issued by the Court to safeguard the rights of all parties concerned. It does not represent a victory by either side; nor is it an indication that the Court is inclined to rule in favour of one side over the other.

In view of this Court order and in compliance with the same, the NFA is postponing its Board of Directors’ elections which were due to take place over the month of November 2015, until further notice. Meanwhile, and in accordance with the Not for Profit Corporations Act, the incumbent directors and executive officers remain in office and will continue to manage the affairs of the NFA.

The NFA will notify its members in due course, as the situation evolves.