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“The RCMP’s seizure of firearms from evacuated homes in High River, Alberta is inappropriate, heavy handed and completely unnecessary,” said NFA President Sheldon Clare, speaking from Edmonton, Alberta.

“How can people maintain respect for law and order when police are breaking into secure, if damaged homes? A disaster is not an opportunity to conduct warrantless searches of homes in order to seize property. The authorities should be protecting people from looters, not becoming looters themselves. One wonders if the seized firearms are being cleaned and oiled for their safe return, or left in a state that would encourage rust and damage”, he asked. “Notwithstanding any care and attention paid to these firearms by the individual police officers and soldiers assigned this dark task, the problem is that this activity was based on an unacceptable philosophy. Individual soldiers and RCMP members may have been acting in good faith thinking they were securing property from looters, but the action raises disturbing questions about the apparent agenda to expand parameters for search and seizure of firearms using a natural disaster as an excuse.

How many charges will be laid for “storage offenses”? How will firearms be returned to owners? Will RCMP record and register make/model/serial numbers for future reference? How can authorities justify forcible entry and confiscation of property as a necessary measure during natural disasters?”

The NFA recommends that people affected obtain legal advice regarding their rights and responsibilities. Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest advocacy organization promoting the rights and freedoms of all responsible firearm owners and users.

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