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Nov-Dec 2016 Cover

November – December 2016

Like the disastrous League of Nations that preceded it, the United Nations excels in the rhetoric of idealism. It’s the major political virtue of the UN-style internationalism. With it, Trudeau’s Liberals can bask in the warm, virtuous glow of higher moral purpose as they commit Canada to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The UN has declared that the ATT…

Mar-Apr 2015 Cover

March – April 2015

As we head towards a federal election, which many believe could be called early given the state of the Canadian economy, it is important for firearms owners to consider their voting options. As you may realize, although the NFA is the only registered federal lobbyist on firearms matters, we are often given short shrift by this government. It is mainly because we are critical thinkers who aren’t believing these hollow promises and…

Sep-Oct 2015 Cover

September – October 2015

Many Canadians will view the intended reversal of the Swiss Arms/CZ 858 reclassification under Bill C-42, and the government’s review of the RCMP Mossberg .22 AK/Blaze rifle prohibited classification, as well as the other reforms contained in this bill, as victories in the battle for common sense in the battle for common sense in firearms regulation. It’s true, for most of the modern era of gun control in Canada reclassification went…

Nov-Dec 2015 Cover

November – December 2015

There’s a lot of speculation about what the results of the 2015 federal election will be, and on how the gun laws and regulations might evolve, or devolve, given which party forms the next government. s I write this, neither the liberal party nor the NPD party is strong enough to win a majority government. The Conservatives may form…


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