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Nov-Dec 2016 Cover

November – December 2016

Like the disastrous League of Nations that preceded it, the United Nations excels in the rhetoric of idealism. It’s the major political virtue of the UN-style internationalism. With it, Trudeau’s Liberals can bask in the warm, virtuous glow of higher moral purpose as they commit Canada to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The UN has declared that the ATT…

Jul-Aug 2016 Cover

July 2016

As far as I’m concerned, 3-Gun competition is about the best fun you can have with a firearm. The obstacle course of solving shooting puzzles using rifles, pistols and shotguns has taken the US by storm, and is gaining popularity in Canada. Heavy Metal is the least populated and perhaps the most demanding variant of 3-Gun. When competing in the Heavy metal class, your stages are the same as other competitors, but the gear you use changes. To qualify all three…

Mar-Apr 2016 Cover

March – April 2016

It’s always the same, isn’t it? After a heinous tragedy occurs involving a gun, the civil disarmament lobby shifts into gear and uses it as a catalust to force more laws and regulations to strip Canadians of their rights and property. On Jan. 22, a student at La Loche Community School took a shotgun to school, murdered four people and wounded several others. This, in a remote community with little opportunity, from a kid perhaps feeling he has…

Jan-Feb 2016 Cover

January – February 2016

Every night, the police check all licensed firearms owners. As if that was not enough, the RCMP encourages officers to check before attending a call to see if anyone has a firearms licence at their destination. Licence information is made readily available on Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) virtually without restriction through the portal to the Canadian Firearms Registry Online (CFRO). Typically, police are…


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