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Sep-Oct 2016 Cover

September – October 2016

A lot of people think gun bans look like the mass bans and confiscations we saw in the UK, Australia and elsewhere. A law is passed, and order goes out, and the gun-owning public is compelled to turn in property or face criminal charges. It’s not necessarily so. Civil disarmament programs come in many different forms, and although it borrows heavily for gun control lobbies in the US and internationally,…

Jul-Aug 2015 Cover

July – August 2015

The Quebec Shooting Federation is better known under it’s French name, Fédération Québécoise de Tir, or it’s acronym, FQT. At first glance, the FQT appears to be an independent, not-for-profit corporation, run by people interested in promoting shooting sports and their growth. In reality, it is a completely different kind of beast. As per the FQT’s own website, the …

May-Jun 2016 Cover

May – June 2016

The Canadian citizen’s right to self-defence is now under sustained attack. For example, when Stephen Harper made a statement linking gun ownership with the right of Canadians to use self-defence firearms (if police were absent), he made a statement that most Canadians would consider common sense. His reward was a barrage of criticism. Michael Bryant, Ontario’s former attorney general, denounced the idea…

Jan-Feb 2015 Cover

January – February 2015

This summer, I had the opportunity to watch a precision shooting competition and found myself fascinated by the environment – mainly because it was so different than the competitive shooting environment that I am used to. Biathlon is, without a doubt, a unique sport to begin with: maximum effort cross country skiing, combined with shooting outdoors under significant time pressure, with anywhere between 5,000 and 25,000…


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