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Nov-Dec 2014 Cover

November – December 2014

Consider Firearms Rights When Casting Your Vote
One of the essential problems with our expensive and unnecessary firearms laws is that there is an instant stigma of guilt when someone is spotted with a firearms. The reason for this calamitous situation is quite simple: it is illegal in Canada to be in possession of a firearm,, and it has been that way for several years since the Liberal former Bill C-68 came into effect. The licensing of firearms owners is tied to the provisions of S. 91 an 92 of the criminal code that define…

Nov-Dec 2013 cover

November – December 2013

Canada has both a long and proud military and firearms heritage. Our nation was founded by good men and women, who built our great country out of savage wilderness with their blood, sweat and tears, musket and rifle by their side. At Vimy Ridge, we came came of age as a nation and earned our place on the world stage, stepping out of Britain’s shadow in the process. Through force of arms and uncompromising bravery and valour, Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen earned the universal respect…

Mar-Apr 2014 Cover

March – April 2014

Pray The RCMP Don’t Look After Your Town In A State Of Emergency
How would you feel if the RCMP kicked in your front door, search your home, spreading mud from one end to the other and seized your private property, all without a warrant? The following story is from just one one of 1,900 homes that had their doors kicked in by RCMP in High River, Alta., during eight days last summer. On June 20, 2013, floodwaters started lapping at the door of Jane…


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