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Canada’s National Firearms Association thanks the government of Canada for its prudent decision to defer UN marking regulations for further consultation until Dec 2013.  Speaking from Prince George, The President of Canada’s NFA, Sheldon Clare commented that “We are pleased that the Conservatives will not implement the Liberal’s regulations. These regulations serve no useful purpose.  Canada’s National Firearms Association has long advocated that the government repeal the UN Marking Regulations as more unnecessary requirements that serve only bureaucratic growth and administrative expense.”

President Sheldon Clare applauded the decision, “There was significant concern in from both firearms businesses and members of the firearms community as well as many Members of Parliament about the need to go forward with a regulatory scheme brought in by a previous government when that scheme would add significant cost to products and damage the economy of an already over-regulated business.”  He continued to say that “Firearms are already heavily regulated in Canada and these UN regulations would merely add extra expense to an industry and sporting activities already under siege.  There would be no benefit to public safety to bring forward these regulations.”

In addition to its participation at the UN with the World Forum on Shooting Activities, Canada’s National Firearms Association is a founding member of the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR) which includes many national and international organizations promoting civilian ownership of firearms.  Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest advocacy organization promoting the rights and freedoms of all responsible firearm owners and users.

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