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Liberal’s latest attack on Rights and Freedoms of Canadians.

As of today, Friday, October 21st , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Public safety Minister Marco Mendicino have announced that they have enacted the complete freeze on the movement of handguns across Canada by Order in Council. 

This freeze follows an earlier import ban of handguns coming into Canada, put into place by Ministerial power. This is a direct attack on the property and the rights and freedoms of Canadians, which in no way will affect gun crime in Canada.  This is nothing more than another step in Justin Trudeau’s planned approach to systematically end the private ownership of firearms in Canada.

Canada’s National Firearms Association will take all political and legal steps necessary to reverse and redress this blatant attack on the rights and property of Canadians.

With the help of Canadian firearms owners and everyone who believes in rights and freedoms  we will end the Liberal civil disarmament program by electing a government that will legislate firearms law reforms that respect the rights and property of Canadians, and target the true sources of crime and violence in Canada.

Canadian firearms owners stand together, indivisible in our rejection of the Liberal attacks on our rights, freedoms, property and culture.

We encourage everyone who is in the process of obtaining a RPAL to continue, and not to be dissuaded by all the Trudeau government’s latest attempts to end firearms ownership in Canada.

Rick Igercich, President