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“The long-awaited report on the actions of the RCMP at High River has finally been released, and while it is critical of police actions in kicking in doors, Canadians are still uninformed as to who gave the orders to kick in doors and enter homes and why these searches that were targeted to firearms owners were necessary,” said NFA President Sheldon Clare, speaking from Prince George.  “What is missing in this report is accountability, and the NFA believes that more than ever, there is a clear need for a judicial inquiry to restore the confidence of Canadians, in High River and everywhere else, in their governments and their police.  It is clear that searches made after June 24 were illegal, and that these searches violated people’s rights.  Someone is responsible for those actions, and it is simply not sufficient to claim that policy somehow justifies the seizure of firearms and ammunition as a standard operating procedure.”  NFA Life Member and retired RCMP member Dennis Young who took the lead role on investigating the High River matter for the NFA, agreed.  “Without clear accountability, these types of police actions will continue, and that is simply unacceptable.  This report needs to restore the trust of Canadians, and it has not done so.”

Clare added, “If it had not been for Dennis Young, the NFA, and the determined efforts of reporters like Lorne Gunter and Brian Lilley at Sun News, much of the High River situation would have been buried.  What happened at High River cannot go unchallenged.  The NFA will continue to monitor the reaction of High River residents to this report, and we continue to demand that the parties responsible be punished for violating people homes and rights at High River.”

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