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Incorrect Story: “Ending Gun Registry Could Fuel Firearms Trafficking”

CTV – Ending Gun Registry Could Fuel Firearms Trafficking — The Canadian Press

This story is incorrect. Firstly, Canadians are prohibited from physically exporting firearms out of the US. Firearms can only be exported out of the US by federally licensed exporters who have to physically transport the firearms to the border. Secondly, with the demise of the registry Canadians returning to Canada with firearms will need to show that they have a Canada Customs green card which they would have to obtain prior to leaving Canada with their firearms. The green card was a system used prior to the registry and required Canadians going to the US with their firearms to have the serial numbers recorded by Canada Customs. This process involved a physical inspection by Canada Customs, once inspected Canada Customs issued a docket with a description of the firearms and serial numbers, which would have to be presented to customs when returning to Canada. Furthermore, Canadians travelling to the US with firearms now need to obtain prior to travel a temporary import permit, issued by the US BATF, on this permit Canadians have to log the serial numbers of the firearms they are taking with them and declare them at US customs. In addition to this US Customs are now routinely stopping travelers heading north into Canada and checking for firearms.