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January – February 2024

As of this writing, Bill C-21 is in the senate in SECD hearings. On Nov. 2, I was given a chance to present a statement on behalf of Canada’s National Firearms Association. This is the statement that I presented to the senators: “I’m here today, representing the members of my organization and other law-abiding Canadians.
“I want to speak specifically about two parts of this bill: the handgun freeze that will eventually lead to the confiscation of personal property. I would also like to comment on the government’s creation of a firearms advisory committee. “I’m neither an academic, nor bureaucrat, nor lawyer. I am simply one of the many Canadians that Bill C-21 will directly affect. “As a third-generation firearms owner, I have several family heirlooms, including handguns that have passed from my grandfather to my father and finally to me.

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