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Letter From Ontario CFO

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June 28, 2022

To : All Ontario Businesses

Re: Transfer Backloq and Wait Times in Ontario

It has come to our attention that some businesses are encouraging their customers to contact the Ontario Chief Firearms Office (CFO), to have their transfers expedited or be provided with a status update. We ask that you do not encourage clients to contact us for this reason as we are not expediting transfer requests for this purpose. This action has the opposite effect as it re-directs valuable resources from reviewing transfers.

The CFO of Ontario understands that the recent announcements regarding proposed changes to the Firearms Act by the Federal Government have brought their numerous concerns to the firearms community & businesses. To address those issues, notably those brought forth regarding a proposed “freeze” on restricted firearms transfers, the Chief Firearms Office is working as efficiently as possible to provide individuals & businesses with timely service.

As a result of the announcements made in early June 2022, there was an influx of over 60,000 restricted firearm transfers submitted to the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP), over a 10-day period. Of this total, Ontario residents contributed in excess of 19,000 transfer initiations, comprising almost one-third of the total transfers received in this period for the entire country.

The Chief Firearms Office remains committed to upholding its mandate of public safety and must ensure that in events such as this, adequate attention is given at each stage of the transfer process. As with other provinces, we have reached out to the Canadian Firearms Program to explore solution driven processes regarding the influx of transfers. Your patience is appreciated as we deal with this surge of transfers as efficiently as possible.

Transfers are being reviewed in the order they are received. The purpose of this process is to ensure fairness and equitability for all involved.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Ashley Charbonneau