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Letter to the Minister of Public Safety, September 4

Dear Minister Blaney:

Subject: Review and Repeal of Firearms Classification lists:

Canada’s National Firearms Association requests that the Conservative government take steps to remove legislative restrictions in the Firearms Act and its related regulations that are unnecessary and have no effect upon public safety. Firearms classification lists fall into this category of arbitrary restrictions on firearms ownership and use.

Canada’s National Firearms Association supports allowing firearms owners to make use of, and sell their firearms property regardless of classification. Thus, there should not be a category of firearms known as prohibited as this category effectively limits the lawful use of those firearms and further prevents people from passing on these firearms and their value, both sentimental and financial, to their heirs and successors, or from profiting by transferring these firearms to other interested lawful persons.

Currently the prohibited class prevents new collectors from obtaining and transferring these firearms to each other and from bringing in new firearms so as to improve collections. The prohibited class does not provide any protection whatsoever to public safety and it is based upon a false assumption that limiting access and eliminating lawful use of firearms will somehow prevent crime. Separate peer-reviewed research by Professor Caillin Langman, MD, and Professors

Gary Mauser and John Lott, Jr. indicates that the reverse is true – widespread access to firearms by lawful citizens provides a general deterrent to criminal activity. Laws regarding possession and use of particular types of firearm do not have any effect whatsoever upon the use of those firearms by those seeking to do ill, and should not hamper innocent firearms enthusiasts from fully enjoying and making use of their property.

In addition, many firearms, especially popular civilian versions with military appearance are currently classified as prohibited or restricted primarily due to their cosmetic looks rather than because of any other factor and thus should be returned to non-restricted status.

The National Firearms Association strongly recommends:

  1. That all firearms currently listed as prohibited be re-classified as “restricted”, and
  2. That all firearms included in the larger “restricted” category undergo a comprehensive re-assessment, and
  3. That the Conservative government should remove many, if not most, firearms from the restricted category and make them non-restricted.
  4. That the prohibitions on standard capacity magazines be removed so that firearms owners may make use of the magazines designed for their specific firearms.

Administering this regulatory requirement provides a significant administrative burden on the government and taxpayer, as well as a potential criminal liability on otherwise innocent people who possess such items, especially when they are prevented from enjoying their property or from profiting from their investment in it.

I ask that your government take steps to repeal these unnecessary and burdensome regulations and restore the ability of Canadian firearms owners to make use of their own property. Our representatives would be happy to meet and discuss this matter with you and your staff. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
In defence of freedom
Yours truly,

Sheldon Clare, MA
President – Canada’s National Firearms Association