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Letter to the Minister of Public Safety, September 6

Dear Minister Blaney:


Subject: Repeal of Criminal Code Sections 91, 92 and necessary amendments:


Canada’s National Firearms Association requests that the Conservative government remove legislative restrictions in the Firearms Act and its related regulations that are unnecessary and have no effect upon public safety. Sections 91 and 92 of the Criminal Code are such sections. The Liberal legislation of 1995 made the peaceful simple possession of firearms a crime, with a federal Possession or Possession Acquisition License as the defence to a criminal charge.

Import export numbers and separate research by Professors Mauser, and Professors Stenning, and Moyer suggests that the numbers of firearms and firearms owners in Canada in peaceful possession of firearms is considerably higher than the numbers of Canadians who hold licenses for firearms possession. Peer-reviewed research by Professor Caillin Langman, MD demonstrates conclusively that neither this nor any of the other legislative strictures placed upon Canadians by successive governments have had any effect whatsoever on reducing crime. Prior to this legal change, persons wishing to obtain firearms had to produce evidence of a police record check called a Firearms Acquisition Certificate. This was not a license to own one’s own property which is the current legal requirement.

Canada’s National Firearms Association strongly recommends the repeal of the requirement to hold a firearms license merely to own one’s own property and that limiting of access be done to those specific individuals who have been convicted of violence. The peaceful possession of firearms should not be a crime as it has been since the Liberal legislation.

The NFA looks forward to further discussions with the Conservative government as to how to improve Canadian firearm law. Our representatives would be happy to meet and discuss this matter with you and your staff. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours truly,

Sheldon Clare, MA
President – Canada’s National Firearms Association