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Semi-Auto Ban Included To C-21

Trudeau's Weapon of Mass Distraction. key tool of this liberals government. ban guns to distract from their wrong doings

Immediate Release

Liberal Semi-Auto Ban added to Bill C-21

The Liberals have mounted an all-out attack on all firearms owners from every aspect of the sport, by adding the G4 amendment to Bill C21. With this amendment, the Liberal NDP coalition are banning semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that are used for legal hunting and sporting purposes. This is nothing more than a shifting of the narrative away from what’s really going on. Justin Trudeau’s liberals have been taking heat in the trucker convoy inquiry, the implementation of the emergency measures act and their apparent political interference at the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commission.

It also demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt that the agenda of the Liberal Party was never public safety, but rather the suppression of civil rights, the confiscation of property, and the craven abusement for nothing more than their ideological enjoyment of the Rights and Freedoms of millions of Canadians who did nothing to deserve such treatment.

Further, this strikes at the Rights, Freedoms and Property of all Canadians. What Rights, Freedoms and Property will be targeted next by this government? There is no doubt that the Liberals have a multitiered plan to eventually seize every firearm in Canada. What’s next hunting knives, optics on firearms or just taking away our right to hunt or go to the range? Enough is enough.

One thing that they’re not addressing in this bill are the illegal firearms that are being smuggled into Canada, these illegal guns are being used by gangs, organized crime, or common criminals. The Liberals answer to smuggled firearms, that are used in a commission of an offence, is to lower mandatory minimum sentences and keep the real criminals on the street.

Canada’s National Firearms Association is in discussions with our legal team. We will use all available resources to challenge this latest Liberal attack which is nothing more than using responsible law-abiding firearms owners as scapegoats.

The NFA in Unity with all Organizations and Canadians who believe in Rights and Freedoms will fight to defeat this government with all political and legal means possible. 

Rick Igercich – President
Canada’s National Firearms Association

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