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March – April 2020

Once again, wild threats and rumours are circulating regarding the Liberal agenda on guns. Talk of bans, buybacks, prohibitions and all kinds of additional bureaucratic and regulatory malfeasance dominate blogs, websites and social media. Just to be clear, this new attack on the rights and property of Canadians was manufactured to divert attention away from real issues of national importance, and to indulge in a vanity issue popular with progressives and the civil disarmament lobby. Dangerous times and dangerous, irresponsible flights of fancy can have serious effects on the rights, freedoms and property of Canadians. This has nothing to do with public safety, there is no statistical or credible evidence to back these proposals and so claims of an exigent need for public safety are unfounded lies. Offers of buybacks are offensive in the extreme. How can you buy back something that was never yours, with…

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