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March – April 2024

The Victims Of Bill C-21 – Women are the number one victims of Bill C-21. Bill C-21 and the handgun freeze, which is now law, clearly states handguns cannot be bought, sold, traded or inherited. As for exporting, it’s my opinion that exporting a handgun permanently to a US FFL holder will be made complicated and difficult. Of course, none of this will have an effect on gun violence or the criminal use of firearms. In our community, a family known to us had the husband pass away in early December 2023. The widow is now facing having her deceased husband’s handgun collection confiscated. The current Liberal government has cancelled inheritance. This widow has never committed a crime, and yet a multi-thousand-dollar asset is scheduled to be stolen and destroyed by the federal authorities based on ideology. How often have the pro-firearms advocates or women’s rights advocates even mentioned this issue?

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