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An announcement in Canada Gazette has confirmed that the May 01 2022 OIC Deadline for the Confiscation of over many hundreds of thousands of firearms representing the property of tens of thousands of Canadians has been delayed until October 2023.

Order Amending the Order Declaring an Amnesty Period 

Those of you who have been members of NFA for a decade or two will be used to this in regards to Liberal civil disarmament initiatives.

The Liberal majority government of Jean Chretien in the 1990’s was forced to delay the implementation of provisions of Bill C68 (1995), the infamous long gun registry, on many occasions due to civil resistance and design system failures that did not allow them to meet their targets.

The UN Small Arms Marking Program, also signed onto by that Liberal government, designed to eliminate the Canadian wholesale and retail firearms industry and help facilitate the end of the trade in and acquisition of firearms in Canada has also been delayed for well over a decade for the same reasons.

The new Liberal long gun registry provisions of Bill C-71  have not been implemented as of this date.

Issues of the burden imposed on Canadian Taxpayers and the massive and extensive logistics required to implement such a program of Confiscation in Canada have presented serious challenges to the government of Justin Trudeau.

Make no mistake, this is only a temporary reprieve. Despite the very public failure of their civil disarmament initiatives in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the Liberals doubled down on their implementation and promised more until they were defeated in 2006 by the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper, with that government legislating firearms law reform in 2012 with the ending of long gun registration.

And so it is today.

The only way to prevent the eventual implementation of the Liberal OIC and its program of Confiscation is to defeat this Liberal government in the next federal election.

We are ready.

Blair Hagen
National President
Canada’s National Firearms Association