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May – June 2022

A Nation Of Riflemen – As I write this, the Russian move into Ukraine has been going on long enough to shock us into the reality that this is going to be a bloody, drawn-out affair. It appears the Russian military is not advancing as quickly as they’d anticipated, as they’ve run into a Ukrainian resistance which seems to be strategic, competent and far more motivated. Right now, it’s looks to me, from my distant armchair, like Ukrainians with rifles are keeping the Russians huddled in their armored vehicles. I doubt anyone reading this missed the fact the Ukraine government was handing out as many rifles to its citizens as it could when the invasion unfolded. This, while the Liberal government works hard at disarming us. I think Ukraine figured out the importance of a nation of riflemen to a country’s defence much too late, but I’m guessing they have the message now.

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