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Mendicino Annoucement – NFA Statement

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino just held a press conference in Toronto along with mayor John Tory and several representatives of anti firearms groups from across Canada. The NFA commends Minister Mendicino for pledging $12.3 million to the city of Toronto to battle gang and gun violence. We do however feel this amount is far less then required and is just Liberal virtue signaling to boost their popularity.

The disingenuous statement made by Minister Mendicino was that the liberals have been addressing the root cause of the gun violence problem by putting in place the May 2020 order in council banning 1500 plus and growing types of firearms in Canada and introducing bill C21 which will put a freeze on all movement of handguns in Canada, the bill will also put red flag laws in place along with several other elements.

Again, the liberals focus is on law-abiding firearms owners as the root cause of the gang and gun violence problem in Canada’s in major cities.

The liberal trend continues, using Canada’s law-abiding firearms owners as a scapegoat for criminal violence across the country.

The NFA is working towards helping defeat this virtue signaling Liberal government and replacing them with a government that will address the real problems.

Rick Igercich, NFA President