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A Harvard and Brady Organization 4 year study demonstrates no beneficial effects from more gun laws on suicide or homicide, and also demonstrates no beneficial effect from assault weapons bans, gun free zones, and 1 gun a month limits.  “The study published inJAMA Internal Medicine contains a number of significant distortions and doesn’t mention some of the research’s significant findings,” said Sheldon Clare, President of Canada’s National firearms Association. “According to independent medical scholar Dr. Caillin Langmann, M.D., PhD. “The study is simplistic with only limited analysis or conclusions (and)

– It only examines a single time period which is an inferior method of demonstrating association
– It suffers from potential data selection bias by leaving out relevant information to achieve a biased result, ie: District of Columbia with high gun laws and high homicide rates is left out
– The scoring of laws is highly suspect and is an unvalidated scoring system.”

“Furthermore, pointed out Clare, “A careful look at the study leads one to the reasonable conclusion that there is likely no association between legislation and both homicide and suicide rates. An additional reasonable conclusion is that neither homicide, nor laws affecting carrying firearms in public places can be associated with popular semi-automatic sporting firearms.  That is, laws preventing guns on campus or concealed carry have any effect on homicide or suicide rates. There are many studies that support that contention, including the National Academy of Sciences’ analysis of Firearms.

“It is surprising that JAMA Internal Medicine permitted the study to be published when a thorough peer-review process would have revealed the many flaws present in its claims and evidence that supports conclusions different than those published,”  commented Clare.

The study may be found here:, and Dr. Caillin Langmann’s critique of it is available here:


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