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MP Letter 2020

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House of Commons,
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
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Dear  (name of MP),

I was shocked to hear that the federal Liberal government intends to allow banning of legally owned handguns in cities, and intends to ban semi-automatic rifles across Canada.  I own both of these, and I am strongly opposed to such a plan.  My ownership of firearms and my use of them has nothing whatsoever to do with gang violence and criminal activity.

The government’s proposals would make me a criminal.  I have spent many thousands of dollars on my sports shooting activities – ammunition, parts, accessories and range membership are all expensive aspects of my activities that make a major contribution to the Canadian economy.  If I live in a city with a gun ban, do I have to move away in order to keep my property, or even turn down job transfers to such places?

Using my tax dollars to confiscate my property is nothing short of offensive.  My firearms and associated property are valuable and I will not willingly give them up.

In my opinion, which is supported by research (Langmann 2012), and I believe is widespread in the shooting community, most of our gun control merely wastes resources and does nothing to stop criminal activity.  Canadian firearms owners are already over regulated.  More gun control is not necessary.  In fact, many of our gun control laws should be repealed.  The money saved could better spent on programs that would save lives and make Canada a better country.

Please do not support the government’s proposal to ban my property and thus make me a criminal.


Yours truly,


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cc. National Firearms Association