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March – April 2018

The Re-Registration Cycle – At time of writing, we are still waiting for the threatened Liberal gun control promises to be imposed. These may take the form of an increased pu [...] Read More

January – February 2018

Canada To Exceed UN Requirements – The NFA had a small delegation in New York this past October to participate in meetings of the United Nations First Committee. This is a co [...] Read More

November – December 2017

Our Wish List – It is pretty clear to most of us by now that there are significant problems with how Canadian firearms law is set up. I am occasionally asked, “What doe [...] Read More

September – October 2017

The Liberal gun control legislation everyone knew was coming has arrived. The good news is it does not contain any new gun bans, confiscations, regulations or restrictions on firea [...] Read More

July – August 2017

As I write this, there are several activities in play that will have an effect upon our firearms rights in Canada. First, the CPC will have selected a new leader by the time you re [...] Read More

May – June 2017

Building An Outdoor Range. Urban sprawl and gun ranges seldom mix. And that’s been the case in Saskatoon, Sack, as well. Noise is the biggest concern, followed closely by per [...] Read More

March – April 2017

Women Have The Right To Choose To Defend Themselves. The rise of the second-wave feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s brought about a revolution, of sorts, as to how western wo [...] Read More

January – February 2017

RCMP Confuses PAL Holders With Criminals Is a national police force a help or a threat to democracy? Unquestionably, professional police are the best deterrent to crime, but robust [...] Read More