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March – April 2013

On The Cover – After battling the force of Ontario’s crusading anti-gun attorney-general for the past two years, Ian Thomson had his day in court this past January. Unf [...] Read More

January – February 2013

The International Front – Is Self-Defence An International Human Right? Do civilians have the right to use deadly force in self-defence? The short answer is “Yes, but.& [...] Read More

November – December 2012

The ATT Is Not Dead Yet: Why You Should Be Worried On July 27, the UN failed to reach consensus on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Some have crowed happily about this failure, but thi [...] Read More

September – October 2012

A Dirty Little Secret No More! For those who have never had the experience, shooting sporting rifle, service rifle or benchrest-type competition well requires not only a good measu [...] Read More

July – August 2012

The Danger of “Back-Door” Registries Bill C-19 may have ended the registration of long guns in most of Canada, but it didn’t end the continuing controversy over f [...] Read More

May – June 2012

Ignorance Is Not Bliss One of the most frustrating aspects of the wind down of the long registry portion of the Liberal 1995 Firearms Act has been the ignorance displayed by opposi [...] Read More

March – April 2012

Genocide, The UN And Gun Control Governments have deliberately killed far more people between wars than killed in war during twentieth century. Almost six times as many people were [...] Read More