January – February 2021

Compensation, Courts & Closures. There seems to be an awful lot of political capital being expended on getting so-called “red flag laws” in Canada, which is in fact somethi [...] Read More

November – December 2020

Thank you for your vigorous support of the NFA in this difficult time for firearm rights. I am pleased to report that your contributions to our legal and political fight have so fa [...] Read More

September – October 2020

Our History Leads Us Forward – As we roll through the middle of this most bizarre year of 2020, it is important to take stock of where we’ve been, where we are and where w [...] Read More

July – August 2020

The Only Solution: The Liberals have prohibited, by Order in Council (OIC), over 1,500 firearms of a wide variety of types and configurations. Stripped of their majority governmen [...] Read More

May – June 2020

The COVID-19 virus has thrown a scare into the Canadian public. Besides the usual run on the stores for the necessities of life, one of the results of the virus’ appearance has b [...] Read More

March – April 2020

Once again, wild threats and rumours are circulating regarding the Liberal agenda on guns. Talk of bans, buybacks, prohibitions and all kinds of additional bureaucratic and regulat [...] Read More

January – February 2020

The NFA has been vigorous in fighting against further unnecessary and ineffective firearms legislation. We had our Executive Director Charles Zach present in Toronto to present our [...] Read More

November – december 2019

New Challenges – It is fashionable in political circles these days to say, “Elections have consequences.” But it is true. The Liberals have formed a minority gove [...] Read More

September-October 2019

Election Time – The next election is always the most important one. The 2019 Canadian federal election is certainly a critical one for firearm owners. We have already seen th [...] Read More

July-August 2019

Canadian “Suppressors” – We all know suppressors are prohibited devices in Canada. Ask any politician why and they’ll be happy to tell you these devices are [...] Read More

May-June 2019

Practical Practice – Some of the best target shooters I know are the worst shots in a hunting situation. It’s not that they can’t shoot, the scores on their targe [...] Read More

March-April 2019

I write this two days away from the deadline for rifle and shotgun registration in Quebec. With great fanfar, the Quebec provincial government has made amendments to its law in ord [...] Read More

January-February 2019

Consultations To Confiscate – During this last month, the government has been holding online Internet consultations on its “handgun and assault weapons ban” propo [...] Read More

November – December 2018

Gun Bans – Acting on the demands of the cities of Toronto and Montreal, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau had ordered Justice Minister Bill Blair to study the possibility of enact [...] Read More

September – October 2018

I’m Taking This One Personally, Bob. – The controversy over Bill C-71 has been hot and heavy as the government tries to justify their latest attempt to separate Canadia [...] Read More

July – August 2018

Bill C-71: A Fine Example Of Liberal Logic – Prior to the federal election, the Liberal Party promised to “take assault weapons and handguns off our streets.” In [...] Read More

May – June 2018

Rural Crime: Are Guns The Problem Or The Solution? – Rural Canada is gun country. Numerous surveys have found that many more households report owning (legal) firearms in smal [...] Read More

March – April 2018

The Re-Registration Cycle – At time of writing, we are still waiting for the threatened Liberal gun control promises to be imposed. These may take the form of an increased pu [...] Read More

January – February 2018

Canada To Exceed UN Requirements – The NFA had a small delegation in New York this past October to participate in meetings of the United Nations First Committee. This is a co [...] Read More

November – December 2017

Our Wish List – It is pretty clear to most of us by now that there are significant problems with how Canadian firearms law is set up. I am occasionally asked, “What doe [...] Read More

September – October 2017

The Liberal gun control legislation everyone knew was coming has arrived. The good news is it does not contain any new gun bans, confiscations, regulations or restrictions on firea [...] Read More

July – August 2017

As I write this, there are several activities in play that will have an effect upon our firearms rights in Canada. First, the CPC will have selected a new leader by the time you re [...] Read More

May – June 2017

Building An Outdoor Range. Urban sprawl and gun ranges seldom mix. And that’s been the case in Saskatoon, Sack, as well. Noise is the biggest concern, followed closely by per [...] Read More

March – April 2017

Women Have The Right To Choose To Defend Themselves. The rise of the second-wave feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s brought about a revolution, of sorts, as to how western wo [...] Read More

January – February 2017

RCMP Confuses PAL Holders With Criminals Is a national police force a help or a threat to democracy? Unquestionably, professional police are the best deterrent to crime, but robust [...] Read More

November – December 2016

Like the disastrous League of Nations that preceded it, the United Nations excels in the rhetoric of idealism. It’s the major political virtue of the UN-style internationalis [...] Read More

September – October 2016

A lot of people think gun bans look like the mass bans and confiscations we saw in the UK, Australia and elsewhere. A law is passed, and order goes out, and the gun-owning public i [...] Read More

July – August 2016

As far as I’m concerned, 3-Gun competition is about the best fun you can have with a firearm. The obstacle course of solving shooting puzzles using rifles, pistols and shotgu [...] Read More

May – June 2016

The Canadian citizen’s right to self-defence is now under sustained attack. For example, when Stephen Harper made a statement linking gun ownership with the right of Canadian [...] Read More

March – April 2016

It’s always the same, isn’t it? After a heinous tragedy occurs involving a gun, the civil disarmament lobby shifts into gear and uses it as a catalust to force more law [...] Read More

January – February 2016

Every night, the police check all licensed firearms owners. As if that was not enough, the RCMP encourages officers to check before attending a call to see if anyone has a firearms [...] Read More

November – December 2015

There’s a lot of speculation about what the results of the 2015 federal election will be, and on how the gun laws and regulations might evolve, or devolve, given which party [...] Read More

September – October 2015

Many Canadians will view the intended reversal of the Swiss Arms/CZ 858 reclassification under Bill C-42, and the government’s review of the RCMP Mossberg .22 AK/Blaze rifle [...] Read More

July – August 2015

The Quebec Shooting Federation is better known under it’s French name, Fédération Québécoise de Tir, or it’s acronym, FQT. At first glance, the FQT appears to be an [...] Read More

May – June 2015

The cover photo depicts Team Saskatchewan competing in target shooting at the 2015 Winter Games. Unfortunately, target shooting will not be part of the 2019 Games, and this is a co [...] Read More

March – April 2015

As we head towards a federal election, which many believe could be called early given the state of the Canadian economy, it is important for firearms owners to consider their votin [...] Read More

January – February 2015

This summer, I had the opportunity to watch a precision shooting competition and found myself fascinated by the environment – mainly because it was so different than the comp [...] Read More

November – December 2014

Canada has both a long and proud military and firearms heritage. Our nation was founded by good men and women, who built our great country out of savage wilderness with their blood [...] Read More

November – December 2014

Consider Firearms Rights When Casting Your Vote One of the essential problems with our expensive and unnecessary firearms laws is that there is an instant stigma of guilt when some [...] Read More

September – October 2014

Team NFA – The perfect Shot I have been a competitive shooter for the past 15 years (0.22 biathlon rifle) and I am nowhere near close to finding the solution to shooting perf [...] Read More

July – August 2014

Letter From A Friend Armed citizens could have made a difference in the wake of one of the most tragic events in RCMP history. It cannot be overstated how this event has both shock [...] Read More

May – June 2014

Putting An End To Gun Grabbing NFA no longer willing to compromise Since the first coming into force of Canada’s first firearms laws way back in 1892, law-abiding firearms ow [...] Read More

March – April 2014

Pray The RCMP Don’t Look After Your Town In A State Of Emergency How would you feel if the RCMP kicked in your front door, search your home, spreading mud from one end to the [...] Read More

January – February

Civilian firearms ownership is a Canadian heritage, but their use has been regulated since the early days of Confederation. Over time, more gun controls have been instituted. In th [...] Read More

September – October 2013

Dwelling in the Grey: Self-Defence in a Time of Change How safe are you in your home? In your vehicle as you drive to work in the early morning hours or back home, late at night? H [...] Read More

July – August 2013

On The Cover Kids are the future of our shooting sports. However, each of us need to ask ourselves what sort of legacy will be left for them to inherit if we allow the RCMP, and th [...] Read More

May – June 2013

The RCMP recently sent out letters informing registered owners of semi-automatic Sport Systems Diitrich (SSD) BD-38 carbines that their registration certificate had been revoked. T [...] Read More

March – April 2013

On The Cover – After battling the force of Ontario’s crusading anti-gun attorney-general for the past two years, Ian Thomson had his day in court this past January. Unf [...] Read More

January – February 2013

The International Front – Is Self-Defence An International Human Right? Do civilians have the right to use deadly force in self-defence? The short answer is “Yes, but.& [...] Read More

November – December 2012

The ATT Is Not Dead Yet: Why You Should Be Worried On July 27, the UN failed to reach consensus on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Some have crowed happily about this failure, but thi [...] Read More

September – October 2012

A Dirty Little Secret No More! For those who have never had the experience, shooting sporting rifle, service rifle or benchrest-type competition well requires not only a good measu [...] Read More

July – August 2012

The Danger of “Back-Door” Registries Bill C-19 may have ended the registration of long guns in most of Canada, but it didn’t end the continuing controversy over f [...] Read More

May – June 2012

Ignorance Is Not Bliss One of the most frustrating aspects of the wind down of the long registry portion of the Liberal 1995 Firearms Act has been the ignorance displayed by opposi [...] Read More

March – April 2012

Genocide, The UN And Gun Control Governments have deliberately killed far more people between wars than killed in war during twentieth century. Almost six times as many people were [...] Read More