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Mar-Apr 2013 cover

March – April 2013

On The Cover – After battling the force of Ontario’s crusading anti-gun attorney-general for the past two years, Ian Thomson had his day in court this past January. Unfortunately, Mr. Thomson, like so many other Canadian self-defence trailblazers, found himself twice victimized in the process. The first incident was at the hands of four armed thugs who attempted to burn him alive by firebombing his home in the predawn hours one night in August 2010. The second time was at the hands of the Canadian “justice”…

Jan-Feb 2013 cover

January – February 2013

The International Front – Is Self-Defence An International Human Right? Do civilians have the right to use deadly force in self-defence? The short answer is “Yes, but.” It is a human right to defend oneself, one’s family or property, from violent attack. Everywhere in the world. And if the attacker dies, then so be it. But details matter. Critically. Anyone who successfully uses physical force to stop an attack could end up in jail or bankrupt afterwards (if not both). Let’s look…

Nov-Dec 2012 cover

November – December 2012

The ATT Is Not Dead Yet: Why You Should Be Worried
On July 27, the UN failed to reach consensus on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Some have crowed happily about this failure, but this setback did not kill the ATT. This summer’s conference was just the opening act; the ATT will reappear again this fall at the UN General Assembly, where it will be much easier to pass. Instead of requiring a consensus to make…

Sep-Oct 2012 cover

September – October 2012

A Dirty Little Secret No More!
For those who have never had the experience, shooting sporting rifle, service rifle or benchrest-type competition well requires not only a good measure of natural skill, but the ability to focus body and mind to one purpose; all while eliminating any extraneous distractions or variables to might negatively impact your shot. It’s an extremely difficult ability to develop and master fully and I remain in awe of the shooters who return triumphant from…


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