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Self Defence Needs Tools

Recent incidents of violence highlight the futility of banning items as a means of preventing personal injury. “It is pretty clear that a determined person with an evil plan will find the means to carry out that agenda independent of controls on knives, firearms, or even sharp sticks and rocks,” said NFA President Sheldon Clare, […] Read more

Two Year Amnesty Fails to Address Problem with Law

The recent amnesty introduced by Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, gave a temporary reprieve for thousands of Canadians who have found themselves owners of firearms that a month ago could be used for target shooting and hunting. After the RCMP recommended and the Minister approved that these firearms were to be prohibited, the owners of […] Read more


Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney has announced an amnesty for owners of prohibited Swiss Arms (SAN) and post 2007 import CZ 858 Rifles. With prohibited status, the use of these firearms would be severely limited and thus their owners would lose significant enjoyment of their property as prohibited long arms may not even be […] Read more


Canada’s National Firearms Association has received supporting evidence that indicates that, despite police claims, the RCMP were not searching for survivors when they were seizing guns in High River, Alberta during last summer’s flood. On February 11, 2014, the NFA received a 156-page response to one of six Access to Information Act requests filed with […] Read more


The NFA asks three federal government commissions for full investigation into apparent uses of firearms registry information. Canada’s National Firearms Association now has evidence and testimony from three cases where Canadian police forces have used information from the long-gun registry that was supposed to be destroyed in accordance with an Act of Parliament. Today, NFA […] Read more

Canada’s NFA calls for Judicial Inquiry into High River Gun Grab

“The mandate is too narrow to get the whole truth.” “While the National Firearms Association wholeheartedly supports the RCMP Public Complaints Commission extending its investigation into the break-in of more than 1,900 High River homes by the RCMP, we believe that their mandate is too narrow. The Commission may be able to find out what […] Read more

Concerns about Arms Trade Treaty Justified

“Canadian concerns about the Arms Trade Treaty are well founded,” Clare said, speaking from Prince George. “Canada’s National Firearms Association does not support the inclusion of civilian small arms and light weapons in an Arms Trade Treaty. In our view, small arms and lights weapons should include only crew-served weapons systems and not small arms, […] Read more

NFA calls for UN Marking Regulations to be rescinded not merely deferred (again)

Speaking from Prince George NFA President Sheldon Clare said, “This is now the fifth time that the Canadian Government intends to defer the ill-conceived U.N. marking regulations.  While we are pleased that the Government will not implement this scheme at this time, we are disappointed that Canada has not yet rescinded this agreement, which would […] Read more

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