Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic V. Canada – Application Dismissed

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic v. Canada CanLII ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE BETWEEN: Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Applicant – and – Her Majesty The Queen In Right of Canada as represented by The Attorney General of Canada, The Commissioner of Firearms, The Registrar of Firearms and The Chief Firearms Officer Respondents Shaun O’Brien, Elichai Shaffir, […] Read more

Mounties to make gun grabs policy

By Lorne Gunter From Sun News Mounties in Alberta are set to update their policy manuals regarding disaster response “in the very near future.” In light of the devastating floods that roared through the southern third of the province in the summer of 2013, that’s probably wise. But the draft manual (obtained through access to […] Read more

NFA Postcard 2

NFA Postcard No postage required. Simply print this page, sign, fold on dotted lines, tape shut and mail. View post

NFA Statement at BMS5, PoA on SALW – June 19, 2014

Mr. President, I am Sheldon Clare, President of Canada’s National Firearms Association. The NFA is the largest advocacy organization representing the rights of firearms owners and users in Canada. Because UN attempts to regulate small arms and light weapons are misdirected, Canadians are concerned that the UN and CASA’s ISACS will have an unjustifiably harmful […] Read more

At NGO Day at the U.N. Programme of Action, Forthright Talk from Canada

From National Review Online By Ted R. Bromund Today’s meeting of the U.N.’s Programme of Action on Small Arms (PoA) focused on statements by non-governmental organizations. As far as the conservative organizations go, the direct impact of these is minimal: most everyone else in the room is on the other team. But these statements do […] Read more

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