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Canada’s National Firearms Association President Sheldon Clare expressed his disappointment with the Redford government’s policy of kicking in doors to seize firearms and ammunition during the flooding in High River. “To say that Doug Griffith and Premier Redford over-reacted is a major understatement,” said Clare. “These homes belong to victims of an environmental disaster, and despite Mr. Griffith’s apparent fear of the people, they and their firearms were of no threat to him or anyone else.”

He continued, “Kicking in doors based on a comment from one frustrated person is the attitude of a bully and not the responsible position of a provincial minister of the Crown. What was the Alberta Cabinet thinking when they approved this program? It is clear from the evidence that the break and enter program by the police and the military was directed by the provincial government, and despite earlier claims specifically targeted the homes of firearms owners. Furthermore, The RCMP targeted gun owners in High River and used the supposedly destroyed long gun registry and licensing records to do it.”

Clare suggested that, “It is time for the Alberta government to evaluate its relationship with its citizens and take responsibility for what appears to be an overly heavy-handed approach more in common with third world police states than Canada. Premier Redford, her cabinet and especially her Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffith need to be held accountable for this action. There needs to be a resignation by the responsible minister and a full public inquiry into the property and rights crimes at High River.”

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest advocacy organization promoting the rights and freedoms of all responsible firearm owners and users.

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