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NFA comment on CPC firearms policy

There has been some confusion and angst regarding comments made by the Leader of the Conservative Party regarding the repeal of Liberal firearm control legislation, specifically the May 1 2020 Order-in-Council and Bill C-71.  As a major part of Mr. O’Toole’s comments, he re-affirmed his long stated promise that there would be a review of the Firearms Act and its related regulations.  The NFA supports such a review.

The NFA is completely confident that the election of a Conservative government will result in the use of evidence-based research to repeal ill-considered and ineffective firearms laws that go back many years, and that this review will include the Order-in-Council as well as other recent legislation.  It is highly likely that a re-elected Liberal government will bring in many additional firearms control – probably even including a ban on all semi-automatics, and handguns.  Please focus on the strategic goal of removing the Liberals from power when you vote.  Do not be swayed by the attempts of the Liberal left and some media to cause us to split our community’s voting power.

We urge the firearms community to remain steady and continue to work hard for the defeat of the Liberal government and its replacement with the Conservatives.

Sheldon Clare
Canada’s National Firearms Association