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NFA Congratulates Pierre Poilievre

Canada’s National Firearms Association Congratulates Pierre Poilievre on winning the Conservative Party Leadership

On September 10th 2022, the Conservative Party of Canada elected a new leader, Pierre Poilievre.
Winning 68 % of the votes on the first ballot cast by CPC members, there is no doubt this is a convincing victory and mandate.
Canada’s National Firearms Association took note of and was struck by Mr. Poilievre’s campaign, which incorporated many references to and celebrations of Canadian values and traditions of Rights and Freedoms. This resonated loudly and offered a provocative rebuke to current Liberal policies attacking, stripping and limiting the rights and freedoms of Canadians.
Many Canadians signed up for Conservative Party membership and voted in this campaign, in order to lay the groundwork for and to make an investment in a Conservative government serious about pursuing fundamental firearms law reform and re establishing the rights and freedoms of Canadians.
This may be the first step in doing so.
We in the NFA share in celebrating our great history and traditions of rights and freedoms with Mr. Poilievre and all other Canadians, and look forward to working together to defeat the government of Justin Trudeau.

Blair Hagen, VP Communication