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Canada’s National Firearms Association lauds the Ontario Court of Appeal for striking down mandatory minimum sentencing for gun violations in Ontario.

The current law can send first time offenders to jail for three years for something as minor as license expiration. Ontario courts have determined the three year minimum sentence amounts to “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Sheldon Clare, president of Canada’s National Firearms Association praised the decision: “This is a step in the right direction. A three-year mandatory sentence for a victimless crime is most definitely cruel and unusual punishment. Mandatory minimum sentencing is always a poor policy as it strips judges of their discretion to deliver sentences appropriate to the offence.” Clare continued, “The Firearms Act is a continuing source of problematic law that hurts ordinary firearm users without affecting criminal behaviour. Many of the courts are starting to realize the flaws in the Firearms Act; hopefully the government will soon take steps to repeal this useless and harmful law.”

“The Ontario Court of Appeal has made a wise and prudent decision which will impart a fairer sense of justice. Hopefully other provinces will see the benefit in eliminating these mandatory minimum sentences and this decision will have more widespread effect,” Clare concluded.

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest advocacy organization supporting the rights of firearms owners.

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