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NFA seeks leave to Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada on Quebec Firearms Registry

NFA to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada over unconstitutional Quebec long-gun registry

MONTREAL – Canada’s National Firearms Association will be seeking leave to appeal the recent decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal, which validated the Quebec legislation purporting to create a provincial long-gun registry.

After the NFA led the way for the scrapping of the federal long-gun registry, the province of Quebec set out to create its own firearms registry and passed legislation to do so.  The NFA took the government to court and argued that Quebec did not have constitutional jurisdiction to enact such legislation, making the argument that it encroached upon federal jurisdiction in matters of criminal law, given that it replicated the former federal long-gun registry.  In a 2000 landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Canada had ruled that the latter fell under federal jurisdiction in matters of criminal law.

The Quebec Superior Court and Court of Appeal ruled that the registry fell both under the provincial heads of jurisdiction of “Property and Civil Rights” and “administration of justice”, and was thus valid, thus seemingly contradicting the aforementioned Supreme Court of Canada ruling.

“It is important that the Supreme Court of Canada review and invalidate Quebec’s legislation.” Said Sheldon Clare, president of the NFA.  “The Supreme Court was very clear, in 2000, that such a firearms registry is a federal matter, and not for the provinces – so we expect a consistent decision on this matter and look forward to continuing this fight on behalf of firearm owners and users.”

The last time the NFA and the province of Quebec went to the Supreme Court, the NFA was successful in preventing Quebec from obtaining federal firearms registration data.

“The NFA is not afraid to take on governments when we feel it necessary, and our track record of success backs that up. Firearm owners in Canada can count on us to fight this to the end, as it could have serious repercussions across the country.”

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest and most effective advocacy organization representing the interests of firearms owners and users. Canada’s National Firearms Association is the largest Canadian organization fighting for the rights of Canadian firearms users.  NFA is a registered UN NGO with consultative status to ECOSOC.


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