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Canada’s National Firearms Association was pleased to be an active participant at the Conservative Party of Canada’s national policy convention in Calgary. Over thirty NFA members participated in various capacities as observers, delegates, and workers for the NFA. Four firearms resolutions were considered, two made it to plenary, and the one which passed was successful in reaffirming the rights of firearm owners in Canada. “This is highly significant,” NFA President Sheldon Clare said in a post-convention debriefing, “because it serves to remind the Conservative government of its responsibility to continue dismantling the Firearms Act brought in by successive governments”.

Speaking from Calgary, NFA’s President Sheldon Clare said. “I am very pleased with our members’ efforts. We worked hard, got noticed, and made a difference. We succeeded in building many good relationships and clearly identified significant areas of support within the Conservative Party. We were also able to identify some who were less sympathetic to our aims.”

Clare continued, “The Conservative Government now has the opportunity to make substantial changes to the Firearms Act, reflecting the needs of the Canadian firearms-owning public and the will of the party. The amended policy accepted at the convention now provides the party with a general mandate to protect Canadians from foreign or domestic pressures for more gun control, solve problems with classification, review those firearms which were incorrectly classified as prohibited and restricted, and increase opportunities for using one’s property. There is also serious opportunity to reform licensing, and remove the Criminal Code stigma for firearms possession.” Clare concluded

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest advocacy organization supporting the rights of firearms owners.

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