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NFA Submits Petitions to Parliament

Canada’s National Firearm Association has submitted two petitions of approximately 30,000 signatures each to the House of Commons.  Speaking from Prince George, NFA President Sheldon Clare reported “We are very pleased with results of many hours of volunteer work in collecting so many signatures on these petitions.  The purposes of the petitions are to de-restrict the AR-15 rifle, one of the most popular modern sporting rifles in North America, and to have the magazine capacity limits removed.  Two Conservative Members of Parliament have agreed to take the petitions forward, after which the government will have 45 days to respond regarding whether or not it will support the petitions. We are very interested in the how the government will address these petitions as we head into a federal election,” Clare concluded.

More than 60,000 signatures were collected by NFA volunteers and supporting businesses over a period of four months.  The AR-15 petition was submitted with 32,076 signatures, and the magazine capacity one with 29,669 signatures.

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest and most effective advocacy organization representing the interests of firearms owners and users.


For more information contact:

Blair Hagen, Executive VP Communications, 604-753-8682 [email][/email]
Sheldon Clare, President, 250-981-1841 [email][/email]
Canada’s NFA toll-free number – 1-877-818-0393
NFA Website: