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NFA Supports Sensible Government Approach on ATT

Canada’s National Firearms Association applauds the sensible and practical approach of the Canadian government in seeking feedback from Canadians on the Arms Trade Treaty. Speaking from Prince George, NFA President Sheldon Clare supported the government’s wise approach to seek input before deciding on signing the ATT, “We have identified major problems with the Arms Trade Treaty and its potential to affect Canadian firearms owners, in several ways including both the cost and availability of imported firearms, parts, accessories, and ammunition. As an active participant in the ATT talks, we were at the UN to express our concerns and we very much appreciate that the government has listened to our significant concerns.”

NFA Vice President Blair Hagen noted that “Foreign Minister John Baird has wisely identified the link between the UN Small Arms treaty and the failed Canadian gun registry. The members of Canada’s National Firearms Association are encouraged that the Canadian Government is apparently taking the sovereignty and rights of its citizens more seriously than even the Americans.”

Clare added that, “The UN Small Arms Treaty is partially intended to drive domestic gun control agendas. It contains provisions for universal licensing, mandates firearms registration schemes and also provides for methods to prohibit and confiscate handguns and semi-automatic firearms in countries where it is implemented. The peer reviewed evidence is clear that these methods have no effect on violent crime, so why would we want to re-implement a failed program through an externally driven treaty? The NFA applauds the sensible measured approach of Minister Baird in seeking to avoid harming Canadian firearms owners.”

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