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Not Alone

The National Firearms Association is Canada’s oldest and largest firearms advocacy group. It is a national organization representing many thousands of firearms owners and users in Canada, with active membership in every Canadian province.  We run a professional fully staffed office based in Edmonton, Alberta, and have a full-time lobbyist to serve the firearms community needs at the federal, provincial, and even municipal level.  Join and contribute to the fight today.

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Some of the key activities of the NFA:

  • Meets regularly with key decision makers (such as Members of Parliament, Senators, cabinet ministers, and political staff) to advocate for significant changes to Canadian firearms law and regulations, while also advocating for the defeat of proposed laws that would limit the rights and abilities of firearms owners and users.
  • Prepares and edits major position papers on various legislative matters affecting firearms owners and users – such as the association’s paper on the Explosives Act. These documents are available on our website at
  • Defends firearms owners and users in court by providing tactical and strategic advice, while also taking governments to task when necessary – such as the funding of the current case of Parker v. Canada regarding court actions to fight the Liberal government’s Order in Council. Our experts provide case law and advice for lawyers to assist clients who have run afoul of Canada’s complex firearms laws.
  • Sponsors sports-shooting athletes who proudly represent our country in international sporting events.
  • Represents Canadian firearms owners and users at international conferences, and is the only Canadian firearms group recognized by the United Nations and given standing to speak at their sessions regarding civilian firearms. The NFA was the only pro-firearm rights group in the world to speak on behalf of firearms owners and users at the Second Conference of Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) held at the United Nations conference in Geneva. NFA also directly challenged the Canadian government’s presentation which announced that Canada would take steps to sign the ATT.  NFA continues a strong presence opposing civil disarmament at the UN ATT and Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons conferences to date.
  • Participates as full-members in international organizations such as the World Forum on the Future of Shooting Activities (WFFSA) and the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR).
  • Builds alliances with like-minded groups throughout Canada and the world.
  • Asserts a vigorous approach in getting our message out and defending firearms owners and users against those who oppose firearms. The Canadian Firearms Journal contains articles and information from awarding winning writers and image producers directly relevant to the Canadian situation. Our frequent NFA Talk program has hosted leadership debates and brought key players to the table to keep people informed.  Our social media activities are dynamic and well moderated for quality of information.
  • Fights against both Bill C-71 and the recent OiC bans of some 1,500 types of various firearms, as well as strongly opposing calls for bans on handguns. We are vigorous in calling for review and repeal of the failed Canadian firearms control system.
  • Provides range safety officer and holster course training.
  • Offers a highly competitive $5 million liability insurance programme for members and clubs who purchase it.
  • Keeps members fully informed as to our activities and financial operations at our AGM, held online for the first time in 2020.


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