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One Day Closer To Victory

Well, we did not expect to be making this post today…
Before hitting the rack last night, I watched Leslie Church’s victory speech, so not only was this a surprise this morning, but this must be doubly embarrassing for her.
If this is any indication whatsoever, the current Liberals, and their NDP cohorts are finished. That being said, every Conservative is currently crossing their fingers that Trudeau ‘not’ step down, and every Liberal is hoping he does – to save what is left of their party. It is important to remember that it is not the Liberal party that Toronto holds in disfavor, it is Trudeau and the NDP/Liberal coalition they are dissatisfied with – by their own admission.
Our sincerest congratulations to Mr. Stewart – hopefully he can help a historically Liberal riding like St. Paul’s – Toronto see the good that a Conservative can do for them.