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“It’s simple – the problem is the Firearms Act and its regulations,” said NFA President Sheldon Clare, speaking from Prince George, BC.  “The Firearms Act was written in haste with an unachievable aim of keeping firearms from bad people – instead it has created a means for the Firearms Bureaucracy to seize property and over-regulate the innocent,” Clare continued. “There are many recent examples that show excess zeal on the part of the expensive firearms bureaucracy – the recent reclassification of several firearms is nothing more than legal theft based upon official misdirection.  Firearms Officer demands for additional and clearly un-warranted controls at gun shows have nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with making gun owners and vendors suffer.”

“As if this wasn’t enough, the Quebec government has decided to make the federal government the good guys in the eyes of half a million Quebec firearms owners by tabling Bill 20 as a provincial firearms registry – even if there is no opposition in the National Assembly to this bill at this time, there certainly will be after the next Quebec election,” Clare pointed out.

“What needs to be done is that tinkering with these bad firearms laws needs to stop and there must be a return to sensible laws by repealing the former Bills C-17 and C-68.  The Canadian public deserves nothing less than laws enjoying the respect of those affected – the Firearms Act is simply bad law,” concluded Clare, “and it serves no one’s interests to keep it.”

“As long as the Liberal designed Firearms Act remains law, the freedoms, rights, and property of all Canadians remains at risk. Fundamental firearms law reform will not have been achieved until the Government of Canada replaces the 1995 Liberal C68 Firearms Act and the previous Bill C-17 with new legislation that respects the rights and property of ordinary Canadians.  Firearms laws have often been pushed upon Canadians under the guise of public safety when in fact these laws are merely serving to limit hard won freedoms.  Neither the firearm registration system, nor the licensing programs have ever truly been about saving any lives.  These laws have really been about trying to change Canadian firearms culture.”

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest advocacy organization promoting the rights and freedoms of all responsible firearm owners and users.


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