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Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,
House of Commons, Parliament Buildings,
Ottawa, ON. K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

The Government of Canada has recently announced that it intends to, yet again, ban more legal firearms from innocent firearms owners under the guise of enhancing public safety and security.  The NFA opposes any such action, on the grounds that, banning firearms, licensing owners, and classifying firearms is unnecessary and ineffective in deterring determined miscreants from misusing firearms in the commission of crime. Furthermore, your Liberal government has no justification to further restrict the freedom of innocent people.

For too long now, politicians and mass media has been scapegoating lawful firearms owners for criminal acts not of their making. Responsible citizens have complied with the gun control; however, we continue to face more restrictions that further institutionalizes our unjust and prejudicial treatment.

Whether willfully or by incompetence, our governments have often created bad laws that are unjust, ineffective, and purposely malign a targeted minority group, which is civilian firearm owners.

It is clear that there will come a time when those affected will express themselves in civil resistance and righteous indignation. Your government’s authoritarian actions have not only divided this great nation along regional lines, but they have also pitted neighbour against neighbour. This is not leadership, especially when the results are a deepening distrust of the government, waning faith in the rule of law, and the erosion of individual liberty and freedom.

It is obvious now that your Liberal government has a goal of advancing civil disarmament in Canada. Many people and groups have provided your government and others with evidence that demonstrates that our current gun control regime is a failure in having anything to do with providing public safety.  Your comments and actions show that you have rejected this truth outright.

For years, we have provided evidence and information to your government, and your actions show that you are ignoring the facts. Even frontline Canadian police and security forces have openly rejected your misguided gun control ideology as ineffective, and yet you continue to hold to discredited policies. Gun control is based on the lie that it helps public safety – clearly, it doesn’t.

Using tax dollars to fund a firearms confiscation scheme is a waste of resources better spent on programs that would solve real problems and make Canada a better country.  Consider spending Taxpayer’s money on funding poverty alleviation programs, supporting crime reduction efforts, providing additional police investigative resources, and funding additional health diagnostic equipment. These programs would actually help prevent crime and improve the lives of Canadians.  We expect the cost of your gun confiscation program to exceed 2.5 billion dollars.  Is that really the best allocation of our tax dollars?  I think not.

Yours truly,
Sheldon Clare
President, Canada’s National Firearms Association